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After years of selling the ManageMed Screening (MMS) on-line at our cost, we are now able to offer the materials you will need to make your own standardized kit. Please take the time to set up the kit exactly as described. The disclaimer is on page 2 of the manual. By using the manual and the MMS, you are agreeing to abide by the conditions in the disclaimer.

We share the manual, labels, and prescription sheets at no cost to you. You will need to purchase a few items. It is our hope that you will use the MMS, and that you will find it helpful in determining if your client can manage a moderately difficult medication routine. We only ask that you take great care to ensure that the kit is made to the exact specifications, which is necessary for maintaining a standardized testing procedure.

Please do not use this “kit” for intervention purposes. Use it only for assessment. If you want to work on client-specific medication management, consider using the client’s own prescriptions. The MMS can establish basic baseline and discharge performance. As stated in the manual, the MMS is a test of capacity, not motivation. The questions at the end of the manual may of assistance in establishing the client’s level of motivation.

All assessment tools should be subject to research on a regular basis to ensure adequate validity and reliability. If you, your facility, your school, or your students wish to use the MMS in research I would like to hear from you, and I may even be able to be of assistance. Comments and questions are welcome.

Regi Robnett, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA and Jessica Bolduc, DrOT, MSOTR/L

rrobnett@une.edu 207-221-4102 or 207-272-4646



Before giving the ManageMed Screening© you need to:

-Read the manual to learn the details of how to give the test
-Look over all 6 pages of these instructions on setting up your kit
-Make sure all the pieces are in the kit, and set up the kit as described below
-Do not use the kit unless it is made to the following specifications
-Administer the test to a friend or family member for practice (one trial run should be enough as it is a relatively simple screening)

 Kit Contents (which you must purchase on your own):

           (approximately $13)

  • Foam cut to fit plastic case
  • 1 magnifying glass with case
  • 1 weekly pill organizer (see photo)
  • 3 pill vials with child proof tops (minimum diameter 1.25” or 10 dram capacity—over 2” is too large). If you are re-using vials make sure they are clean and have no labels on them.
  • 2 packages of candy to use as simulated pills (“Good and Plenty” for white and pink pills, “Tic Tacs” green for green pills)
  • Clear packing tape to cover the labels on the vials

The following can be downloaded from the website (below):

  • Test manual with reproducible forms
  • Labels and Forms

  • Labels for case
  • Prescription information forms
  • Prescription labels for vials
  • Sample/simulated prescription sheet



If you have any questions or comments, please contact the primary author:

Regi Robnett, 43 Elmwood St.  Portland, ME 04103

rrobnett@une.edu   (207) 221-4102 or (207) 799-1482

Assembly Instructions—See Photos below for helpful hints

1) Print off the manual and extra score forms (Cover is in color). You may want to put the manual in a 3-ring binder. MMS manual 2020.pdf

2) Print the labels for your case in color. Tape these on your case. Labels for Case.pdf

3) Print the three prescription information forms in color. Laminate or use sheet protectors. Place each one in a separate protector. Prescription Information Forms 2020 .pdf

4) Print the labels for vials Cut these carefully on the dotted lines. Use clear packing tape to secure labels to vials, ensuring all paper is covered for easy cleaning. (See photos below.) RX_labels for vials.pdf


5) Print off sample/simulated prescription on a half sheet. Laminate or use sheet protector. Sample Prescription 2020.pdf

6) Fill vials with candy. Add “pills” to the vials as follows:

A—“Androciplin” vial should contain 21 pink pills (Good’N Plenty—Pink)

B—“Betroprolin” vial should contain 21 green pills (Tic Tacs—Green)

C—“Cyclonoprin” vial should contain 21 white pills (Good’N Plenty—White)

     See photos Sample Pill box and vials.docx

Note: The ManageMed Screening© is a standardized test, you must follow this color scheme.

Place all items (including manual, all forms, vials, pill minder/weekly pill box, and magnifying glass in case) in plastic carrying case or tote. 

Be sure to follow sanitary practices, wipe down forms between use and replace candy as needed